After more than a month of being unable to publish to the website and numerous chats with tech support, I am finally able to post on the website again.1

First off, I would like to thank “teefers,” the individual on the Rapid Weaver forums who suggested the final solution that got everything back up and running. Without you, I’d still be shouting into the dark.

Secondly, shout I did. Not begin able to actually post on the website did not stop me from blogging. I simply saved all of that material and waited until I could. And now that I can, I did. I have uploaded a bunch of stuff that should have gone up in the last five or so weeks. Some are reviews of books and movies that might still be helpful. Some are announcements for “upcoming” events that have already passed.
2 There’s some stuff about Halloween.3

Feel free to give it a look.

1 Did you miss me?

2 But which I still included for the completionists out there.

3 Natch.