Bubble -- the sci-fi you should be listening to

If you enjoy old time radio shows, science fiction, and humor, you should be listening to Bubble. Bubble is a weekly podcast which features brilliant voice acting, sound effects, and absolutely amazing writing.

The world of Bubble is one where select people live in relative luxury (except for the drug ridden slums) inside cities encapsulated in giant bubbles.
1 Outside these cities is a world filled with monsters, deadly vegetation, and small groups of humans who can survive the harsh landscape.

And some of the world outside the bubble is starting to leak in.

Morgan was born outside Fairhaven, one of the bubble cities, but was brought in as a child. Now she works for huntr, an app similar to Uber, but instead of driving you to the airport, the responders come to your house to eliminate the monsters who are threatening you.

To go into more detail would be to start giving away plot points, but believe me when I tell you that you will enjoy this riotous adventure/comedy series.

1. Hence the name.