Reading is Fun(damental)

I just received notification that I completed my annual reading challenge.1  Every year I seek to answer the question “How many books do you read in a year?”  This year Goodreads made it easy by allowing its users to set goals for themselves.  

Now I am a sucker for anything which allows me to track my progress on anything.  I love checklists, step counters, graphs, progress bars, all of those things.  When I found out that I would be able to have a little graph which shows how close to my goal I was getting there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to use it.

I set a very attainable goal of 50 books for 2014.  I average a book a week, so this really wasn’t too much of a stretch.  I know that some people would disqualify some of my selections, since I included a couple of graphic novels
2, audiobooks, and Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails which I read numerous times during the editing process.4

Because there only thing more fun than marking the progress of a project is the statistical analysis of the project, allow me to add a few more comments.

Of the books I have read up to this point, only 13 are ones that I would consider horror.
6  The majority of the books fall into the general area of science fiction, but there are plenty of non-fiction titles as well.  Most of these are either biographies, film or genre studies, or general/popular science.

More than 30 of the titles were listened to as audiobooks, rather than read in book form.  This is primarily the result of working from home for more than half of the year and being able to listen to whatever I wanted to while completing various tasks.

I only own 13 of the titles in hardcover or paperback form.  Some of them I own in more than one format.

Most of my digital reading was spread evenly between Nook, Kindle, and Comixology.  Despite my array of Apple products, very few of the books were read using the iBooks app.

1  Although I technically have one more to go.  For some reason it is counting as “Read” a book I started reading and disliked so much that I decided not to finish it.

2  However, I did not include material which is now in a collected graphic novel which I originally read as individual monthly comics.

3  What?  Like I’m going to wait a whole year to find out what happens to Harley Quinn?

4  To be fair, there are three other books which I read which have not been released yet, so I definitely hit my goal.  The question becomes, do I include them in next year’s count?

5  No, of course not.

6  For example, I purchased a copy of
Ready Player One when I found out Ernest Cline was going to be attending Penguicon last year.  I had already listened to the audiobook, but you can’t autograph an audiobook.

6  Others might include some of them in this genre because they had monsters, or magic, but I would lump most of those into the urban fantasy box.