Comic Con Crunch Time

I am sitting at my dining room table, breathing in fumes which I have already commented about on the
Zuckerberg Project. I had not planned on devoting yet another post to the con prep, but I had such a kick ass day that I feel the need to comment on it.

I started out the morning learning how to use The Mrs' sewing machine. The face that she entrusted me with this knowledge falls into the category of REALLY BIG THING. It is a
Husqvarna, so at least we share a common ancestry.1

In all seriousness, I am scared absolutely shitless by this machine. It is her baby, the one she does all of her quilting on.
5 Plus, the darn thing cost more than my last laptop. At this point it may have more computing power too.

Why then, one may ask
6, would I choose to use the machine. Well, allow me to answer the question I assume that you posed while you had the chance. On top of the costume that I am preparing for Saturday at Motor City Comic Con, I am also working on a S00p3r s3krit project for Friday. I may not post this until after con, so allow me to thrill you all with the details:7

I am making a bowling shirt.

Yeah, it may not seem like much to you, but this is my first attempt at any real sewing. My previous projects have all been in hidden areas of costumes where the seams did not matter. I am not lying when I say that I work better with a needle and thread than I do with an actual sewing machine. Once during a craft class in elementary school I used a stapler instead of the sewing machine.

Not my proudest moment, but I still got a check on the project (which is like a C+/B-). I think the teacher may have bumped my grade a bit because of my creativity.

So anyway, I got up right before The Mrs left for work to learn how to thread the machine (roughly the intellectual equivalent of circumnavigating the globe using a sextant). After she left I did my morning work out, then started on my errand running. This included a trip to JoAnn Fabrics
8, a clothing store (for a shirt to wear Sinday9 since the ones I ordered never showed), my storage unit to pick up a few things for Con, then the Credit Union to get change for the group. All that running and I was home by 11ish.

After a quick lunch I launched back into the costume. I gave up on my attempt at making wings. I will try again some time in the future, but these just were not coming out the way I wanted them to, so I ordered a pair. They came UPS. I did some finishing work on the face (final detail painting and adding some velcro so I can attach it to the costume), painted the eyeballs for the wings, and later attached the eyeballs to the wings (with some additional feathers around them to act as lids). I rearranged the wings themselves to they fit my view of how the costume should look.

Then I spent a few torturous hours cutting out the fabric for the shirt. That was not fun.

No, I did not get around to sewing it today, but I hope to get it mostly done tomorrow before going off to set up shop at whatever they are calling the Novi Expo Center this year.
10 I will be swinging over to Peggy's house to pick up some of the material for the group, then we will be meeting MontiLee and Dave there to set up. The show does not open until tomorrow, but Vendors (that's us) can set up early. We have some cool things planned for our area, so you should make sure you come check it out.

Speaking of setting up, I also spent some time today rebuilding the Red Bag of Doom.
11 When we first started going to cons, our displays were a little less professional than the ones we use now. The RBD held things we might need like zip ties (my personal fix for everything), tape, a staple gun, various tools, etc. We haven't needed it recently, but since we are experimenting with this year's set up, we thought it might be a good idea to bring it.

Tomorrow will be my final prep day. With any luck I will have my shirt ready for Friday. I also need to put together my own bag of goodies with things like business cards, my phone, iPad, chargers, the Square for charges, energy drinks, and a bunch of stuff I'm not remembering right now but will hopefully remember in the morning. I also need to finish up the costume for Saturday, but at this point that really just boils down to making sure everything sits where it is supposed to and adding some velcro closures.

Wish me luck.

1 Because maybe my Swedish heritage will make me a better seamster
2 if I am using something named after a Viking.3

2 Seamster, the male form of seamstress. I'm pretty sure it's a real world. If not, blame it on the glue fumes.

3 It could happen. Anything is possible.

4 I had a physics teacher who used to say "Nothing is impossible but some things are so highly improbable that they approach the realm of impossibility." He was cool. Once we got to class early and he was using the astrolabe to simulate a regression of the Big Bang. He was wearing a baseball cap with Yoda ears and yelled "We're going back in time!"

5 The Mrs is an amazing quilter. We have so many cool quilts, table cloths, and stuff. She has an eye for colors and patterns that is amazing. I look at something when she starts it with a skeptical eye, but it turns out really cool. If you want to see an example of her work, swing by the
Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers booth and I will show you the custom bag she made for my iPad.

6 Go ahead, ask.

7 Remember, you heard it here first.

8 I always love the stares I get when I go in there alone. That's right ladies, I'm here to buy notions!

9 Yes, I spelled that right. Sunday at MCCC the GLAHW theme will be The Seven Deadly Sins. I'm playing against type and going as Pride.

10 I know it is the Suburban Collection Showcase, but I'm an ass. Here's a
link to make up for it.

11 Named after Hellboy's fist. What? You're reading someone who has a BPRD parking pass in his car.