Alien Opponents Like You've Not Seen Before

Let me start by saying that the Xenomorph is one of my all time favorite baddies. Anything featuring these lovely bio-mechanoid beauties is going to at least be of interest to me.

In Aliens: Phalanx, Sigler does a few things which I have not seen before in the extended Alien franchise. First of all, the people dealing with the Xenomorphs have a completely different explanation for them. We are familiar with material they do not know -- something used quite frequently in other books, comics, and movies when those opposed to the Xenomorphs are meeting them for the first time. However, in this book, the humans have lived with the Xenos for generations and have created their own mythology around the creatures.

The second, and best, is that the level of technology available to the humans is far lower than we are used to. Not only are there no guns, we also lack the ability to create makeshift firearms, flame throwers, or stun batons. Sigler presents us with a bronze age group of humans taking on one of the most deadly creatures in the universe.

Ultimately, a good story relies not only on interesting ideas but also on good characters and Sigler has populated this planet with an amazing array of individuals, castes, and cultures.