The Post-MCCC Post Part One -- The Cool Stuff

The word “con,” when appearing in this blog at least, is generally translated at “Convention” or “Conference.”1 While some use them interchangeably, it is important to note that there are two very different types of Cons that I attend.

The first is a gathering of like minded people who have gathered together to discuss various subjects of interest. This type of con often features panels
2, Guests of Honor and other experts in the field, and how-to demonstrations. Penguicon, ConFusion, and CONvergence are great examples of these which I have attended. I have also attended Cons focused on writing (the late lamented Context for example), how to run a professional haunted house (HAuNTcon), cons on Forensics and Criminology (that got me to Vegas), Mystery Writing, and numerous others.

The second type of Con is the one which is, while still focused on a specific topic, essentially a large dealers room. These are often held in large venues with each vendor paying for a table space. Most feature “talent,” famous people associated with the topic there to provide autographs and photo opportunities (and to draw in the crowds). While there are numerous Cons of this type, the easiest example is the San Diego Comic Con.

Granted, there is a bit of overlap. Most Cons of the first type will have a Vendors Room (or more than one) where you can buy everything from tee shirts to swords. Many Cons of the second type will feature lectures or panels, especially those featuring the talent. The real difference is the primary reason for attendance. Will you be spending the weekend listening to people talk or shopping?

I spent the previous weekend at
Motor City Comic Con, a Con of the second type, helping at the GLAHW table.3 I’m pleased to announce that we had our best weekend ever. We always have a great time at MCCC, meeting new people, teaching people about horror and about the group, selling books (natch), and of course, watching the Cosplayers. We’ve even been known to engage in some cosplay ourselves.4

With that in mind, I would like to mention some of my favorite Cosplayers that I saw this year, in no particular order

Max from
Where the Wild Things Are

A speeder bike scout and TIE fighter pilot. Normally this wouldn’t be big news, as the
501st attends MCCC each year. However, I watched this pair ride up on a motorcycle. Yes, a speeder bike Stormtrooper riding up on a motorcycle with a TIE pilot riding bitch. I am still kicking myself for not having my phone.

Bob Ross and a walking canvas. This one can be found on my
page on the Zuckerberg experiment.

Ghost Rider with an actual flaming skull (bonus points for how it was done).

Hellboy with long horns.

Ed and Ein from
Cowboy Bebop.6

I’m sure that there were others that wowed me, but I’m still a bit brain fried. I also noticed a few things this year which stuck out in my head. These included:

A more than usual preponderance of Riddlers. Granted, there were still more Jokers, but not by much.

Fewer Supermans (Supermen?) than usual.

A ton of Barfs and other
SpaceBalls related costumes.

Fewer Deadpools than expected.

A number of Mary Poppinses.

General Observations:

They say that The Flash, The Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and the X-Men have some of the greatest Rouges Galleries, but as far as cosplayers are concerned, it’s Batman villain or go home.

Fidget Spinners are to the 12 and under crowd what mobile devices are to the 12 and older crowd.

I am very lucky to have such good friends.

Chief among these are
Peggy Christie and MontiLee Stormer, writers par excellence.

Apropos nothing, but pretty freakin’ cool, Anthony Michael Hall liked my outfit on Saturday
8, especially the kilt.

  1. Because I rarely talk about being on the grift on the blog
  2. Mini-lectures presented by one of more individuals.
  3. This is our tenth year at the MCCC. It was the first Con that we did as a group, so it holds a special place for us.
  4. Notable group themes include Firefly (I was Jayne), Archer (I was Krieger), Death (I was Death from Hellboy 2), and Alice -- when we each dressed as a different character named Alice (I was the maid from The Brady Bunch).
  5. Because I can’t be arsed with ranking them.
  6. This is my all time favorite anime.
  7. I’m seriously thinking about making horror themed fidget spinners.
  8. Said outfit included the pointed toe skull boots, my blue flash kilt, a white shirt, recently purchase TARDIS bow tie, and my Captain’s tail coat.