Have Fun Getting This Out of Your Head

Welcome to one of those rare times when the rant isn't completely about me.

1 was shuffling through the Collective section of iFunny the other night when I came across a gem. For those not familiar with iFunny, it is a vast land of attempted humor. There are a lot of memes which pop up over and over. There are comics nicked from other sites (especially Cyanide and Happiness). There are personal attempts at humor and rage comics. There are also a lot of kik requests and "repost this to save orphan bunnies, skip to be anal raped by Satan"2 posts.

All in all it is an ok way to kill some time. I usually end up on the iFunny app when I am too tired to focus on reading but still too awake to actually try to sleep. After a little time on the site you get pretty good at skipping through the "not funny" and "downright offensive" ones to focus on the "crack-ups" and "Bad Luck Brians."

There are also videos on the service. A lot of them are things from
YouTube or College Humor. I am not exactly sure where this one came from, but it is exceptional.

Watch it now.


A little background for those of you who are not familiar with
ChatRoulette. From what I understand4 it is a site where you are randomly paired with strangers who also have webcams so you can chat. Naturally, this means that some guys go on it hoping to see boobs.

So that explains the video a little, right?

I don't know anything about the guy that made it. I did link through to another video he had done and one of the people was wearing an MSU shirt and another had on an Eastern cap so he may actually be local.

All I know is that I have watched this video over a dozen times and I end up laughing until I cry every time.

Every time.

I am certain that the humor will eventually fade, but I plan on keeping the link bookmarked anyway. There is something charming about the reactions of the people in the video. Well, maybe not the shocked looks of horror, but the ones who smile and laugh. Those are genuine smiles. Even people who are embarrassed at first end up smiling, laughing, singing, and playing along.

In a world which seems to be overbalanced towards the negative, anything that can elicit a genuine moment of happiness is a gift to be treasured.

Bearded bikini man, I salute you.

1 I said it was not
completely about me. I didn't say it wasn't going to be about me at all. Please, be serious.

2 No, seriously. I think I saw one the other day that said "Like if you love your Grandma, Skip if you want to raped in the anus by Satan's barbed cock for all of eternity."

3 There is the distinct possibility that there will be more Carly Rae Jepsen that most people are comfortable with. Sorry. I kind of think the song is catchy.

4 Hearsay only, I am way too old for this shit.