A Book For The Slasher Fan

This is a solid book which will be thoroughly enjoyed by fans of horror cinema, especially those who like the slasher subgenre. Others might not enjoy the way that the story is told and the meta references. The narrative reads like a script to a slasher movie with stage directions and POV changes spelled out, but is not actually in script format (at least the audiobook isn't).

The Last Final Girl follows a group of high school students who are being stalked by, who defeat, and then are re-threatened by a (or perhaps multiple? no spoilers here) classic 80s slasher in a Michael Jackson mask. Many of the girls have survived attacks by other killers, leading to a group of "Final Girls." Izzy and Crystal are hyperaware of cinematic tropes and live as if they are inhabiting a horror film (which is fortunate, since they are). Their attempts to deduce who the killer(s) is/are rely on their encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the horror genre. The book is filled with references to horror movies as well as other pop-culture nods which I found humorous but might begin to bother some readers. There is a nice divide of gore and humor.

While not for everyone,
The Last Final Girl will definitely be appreciated by people like Izzy who love a good slasher.

Warning -- the violence extends beyond just people to include some animals.

Four Stars out of Five.