I’m So Excited

No, I’m not going to go out of my way to get that song stuck in your head by adding “and I just can’t hide it.”1 Instead I will let you know about the weird squeeing sound you have been hearing all afternoon.

There are a lot of reasons why I am excited. The first batch of ecstatic exclamations came from the arrival of my new ring. There is a little bit of back story required to understand this one. Due to a combination of weight gain and arthritis, my wedding band no longer fits comfortably on my finger. When I say "no longer fits comfortably" I mean "cuts of the circulation and turns my finger purple." This made me incredibly sad. When The Mrs asked what I wanted for my birthday, the only thing I wanted her to get me was a new ring.

The ring we ordered has a celtic dragon pattern that is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, the first one we received was too large so I had to wait until that one was returned for the new one to arrive.

I'm wearing it now.

All of the other squee stuff is convention related. Short version, I’m gearing up for Zombie Conlink this weekend and things are starting to come together nicely.

Don’t get me wrong. I still have quite a bit left to do. In fact, I should probably not even think about that right now because there is the very real possibility that I’ll vapor lock like a pre-2012 NASCAR racer.

There has been a lot of awesome going on and I want to clue you in on it.

HOWEVER, some of the things which I discuss in the following post will be unveiled for the first time at Z-Con. If you are planning on coming out (and why wouldn’t you?) and want to be surprised at all of the cool newness, stop reading right now. You can always come back and read this later.

Seriously, it’s not as if this post is going to disappear.

Still here? All right then.

To start the whole exciting news ball rolling, I have been in touch with the people who organized the upcoming
Zombie Con and if I am reading my map correctly, my booth will be right next to the entrance. I’ll either be one of the first things people see or their last chance to spend money before they head out.

Yes, you read that correctly. My booth. I will be there selling my own stuff, on my own (with the help of some wonderful people). This is the first time that I will be a vendor on my own, not as part of the
Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. I don’t know why this has me so nervous. It is not as if I am going to be speaking in front of a group of people. I am not on any panels this weekend. I’m not being interviewed. Technically all I have to do is sit there and nod at people.

Not that I will, of course. I will be my usual charming, engaging, look-how-well-I’ve-hidden-my-social-anxiety self.

The big news is that I have a new logo. I have been working with Sara Gale of
Exit 57 Graphics who I met at the Bruce Campbell signing earlier this year. She had another friend of hers (shout out to Brad!) worked up some original artwork, then went to town with the crazy creativeness. If you haven’t seen it yet, take the time to go to the Welcome page or the new Submissions page.

Isn’t that awesome? I love that she added my tattoo to the dragon’s arm (shout out to the amazing
Laura Kondon).4

If you clicked both of the links in the paragraph before the last one, or are clever enough to have caught all of the words in the last sentence of the last paragraph, you will have noticed that there is a new page up on the website. I have officially created a home for The Dragon’s Roost Press. Then I filled it with information about the anthology which I will be accepting submissions for. Short version: I am hoping to create an anthology and donate the bulk of the proceeds to the organization that rescued Tesla and Titus. I am still in talks with the group to see if it is OK if I use their name, so that part is hush hush for now. If you want the big details, head over to that new page.

So, more Z-Con news.

I have ordered new business cards featuring the previously mentioned awesomeness. They should be available for pick up locally on Friday which means I have plenty of time.
5 Again, I have had business cards before, but this is the first time that I will have ones which have been especially designed for me. I have cards with the group’s blood drop theme and I have personal cards with a generic background I found on-line. This will be the first time that I will have cards that are totally unique.

Also in the realm of ultra cool things that will be making their debut at Z-Con, I special ordered some items from
Speedcult Detroit. They have a huge area at the Rustbelt Market which is a market/collective sales space thingie in Ferndale. There are a lot of really interesting merchants there. Some are there all of the time, some are only there for a weekend or two.

Anyhoo, Speedcult sells custom metalwork. They have signs, decorations, useful items like napkin holders and a giant rack that holds magazines and four rolls of toilet paper. They specialized in car culture stuff, so there are plenty of skulls and tikis and such. There is also a healthy dose of Detroit sports logos. I ordered a business card holder featuring one of their bat-winged skulls. I also noticed that the napkin holders would make excellent book stands, so I ordered two of those, just the skull. The business card holder is glossy black with a wing span of about a foot. The book holders (because that’s what they are now) are a candy apple red which highlights the grind pattern on the metal.

I sort of have my table set up figured out in my mind. Expect a lot of black and red, hee hee.

I have been working on signage this evening, but the program I use (Pixelmator) is on my old laptop and she is having absolute fits over the fact that I am asking her to do anything. I suppose I could load the program on the new laptop (which I am currently using to write this post while the other one grinds away) but this one has limited memory and I’d rather keep her portable.

That portion of the day has been a little frustrating.

On a totally different front,
6 I have jumped head first into the Penguicon planning by contacting a number of people. I have already heard back from a few of them. There were some nos which were disappointing. There have been more yeses, which is pretty darn exciting. I am also thinking up possible programming.

Yes, I have been a busy little dragon.

1 Oops.

2 What? I know stuff.

3 Like how to look stuff up on the interwebz.

4 Does anyone still use the term shout out? Probably not. I don’t care. I’m old enough to not worry about trends in language.

5 Right? Right?

6 Actually, it’s not that different. It’s still all about convention preparation.