The City in the Middle of the Night is One to Visit

This book grabbed me like a Gelet and held on, infusing me with visions of Sophie and the rest of the cast of characters, giving me their memories and hopes for the future, and tearing me up with their emotions.

If you want to know what the Hell the that means, then you should pick up
The City in the Middle of the Night. Even if you don't want to decipher my rambling, you should still pick up this book. It tells the story of a tidally locked planet -- one half will burn the sight from your eyes, the other will freeze you in minutes -- and the descendants of the human settlers who colonized the world. The story alternates between the viewpoints of Sophie, a young student, and Mouth, a member of a dangerous trading group. There is political intrigue, interpersonal strife, romance, and questions of loyalty. The characters are unique individuals who make mistakes and learn from them (or not) in ways that are believable. The cities are unique and inventive.

Don't let the length put you off (the audiobook was 13+ hours), it is well worth the read.