The End of the Dreadstar Tale

This review is based upon the Kickstarter e-book reward.

This volume wraps up the major plot line of the Dreadstar series, showing the downfall of the Instrumentality and what happens after. This sounds like a very interesting idea. One very rarely gets to see what happens after the Happily Ever After. Unfortunately, this Ever After isn't Happily.

I would be OK with this, if it did not involve so many unexplained changes. Vanth Dreadstar spends two years in a coma after his fight with Papal. During this time, every other character changes drastically in ways that make no sense. Major plot lines like Maxilion disappear completely, as does the fact that there were two warring factions. Dreadstar wakes up to find a new, corrupt government in place and ends up taking up the role of "space cop tracking down Ministry war criminals." He is powered down significantly, which also could have been interesting if it had been addressed better.

Ultimately, we are left with a lot of material (the entirety of the run at First) which doesn't really feel like Dreadstar and Company. I would have been much happier stopping after the Papal/Dreadstar fight, the natural conclusion to the story arc.