Return to Tabula Ra$a

An enjoyable and surprisingly relevant return to Tabula Ra$a and the world of Zoey Ashe. In the previous novel, Zoey inherited her absent father's fortune, as well as his crime syndicate. Since then, she has been trying to to do the right thing with the money, to help the poor, to use her position of power to change things for the better.

And the city seems to hate her for it.

She is beset on all sides -- from the other crime bosses, to the dictatorial leader of the private security firm which has replaced the police, to an online group which latches on to any conspiracy theory involving her (including that she eats human organs).

And if all of that wasn't bad enough, someone delivered a corpse to her door.

And then that corpse got up and attacked her.

Wong weaves humor and the horror of the current political climate expertly.