My Hospital Read

In enjoyed this collection of four novellas -- often the most difficult to publish length.

"Mr. Harrigan's Phone" An interesting look at technology and death. The concept of speaking with the dead is one that we've seen before, but King puts an interesting spin on it.

"The Life of Chuck" Verging on the experimental, we get to read the last portion of the story first, one which would have been an adequate short story. Fortunately, we then get to see the build up, making it a much more entertaining piece.

"If It Bleeds" Holly Gibney returns to face a creature similar to the one defeated before. While I enjoyed the story, I'm not a super fan of the Gibney character. I think she works well as part of an ensemble, but she is the main protagonist of this tale. That being said, it was nice to see her getting stronger while still retaining her essential "Gibney-ness."

"The Rat" My favorite of the four, but then why wouldn't I like a story featuring a writer having difficulty with a novel? Again, this could have been a passable short story if it started from where the rat and his Faustian deal appear. However, we get a lot more back story, a lot more lead in, and a lot more enjoyment in novella form.