12 Hour Shift is Time Well Spent

Author, actor, podcaster, and director Brea Grant (Heros, Dexter, The Guild, Reading Glasses podcast) has created a darkly comedic romp with 12 Hour Shift. The film, written and directed by Grant, follows Mandy (Angela Bettis) — a nurse with a drug problem, a black market organ scheme, and a 12 hour shift ahead of her. It starts out rough, with unwanted conversation and drug use, and goes downhill from there. Things really go pear shaped when her cousin-in-law, the delightfully ditzy Regina (Chloe Farnsworth) makes a tiny mistake with the organs that she is supposed to be delivering.

What follows is 12 hours of insanity among hospital staff, police, and various gangsters and ruffians. Stand out players include Mandy’s boss Karen played by Nikea Gamby-Turner and prison patient Jefferson (David Arquette). Mandy and Regina must race to collect a new kidney before the gangsters come after Regina.

While listed as a horror comedy, it is more comedy than horror, but the comedy is of a deliciously dark variety. There is plenty of blood and gore (we
are talking about organ harvesting here) for the horror crowd.