What I Learned This Weekend: A Few Thoughts Written While In The Grip Of Post Con Delirium

What follows will be a random jumble of thoughts with little to no unifying theme other than the fact that they are spilling out of my head right now. I will try to clean it up a little before posting it. Any attempt at total coherence at this point would be a waste of time. After three days at Motor City Comic Con, I'm lucky to even be awake.1

So, on to the meat of the matter: totally random thoughts in no particular order.

I have some really cool friends and it is great that I have opportunities to spend time with them. The fact that after spending three days together in a small space (the convention booth area) we still go out to dinner together and don't just run away from each other screaming and or muttering curse words should indicate exactly how great these people are.

A convention of this nature is its own entity. It is a world unto itself where rules of the outside world may apply differently.

I have no idea what I meant by that.

The people that one sees at conventions are another kind of friend, equally cool. Part of the anticipation (the good part) leading up to the con is the knowledge that you will be able to interact with them again for the whole weekend, or for a day, or a few hours.

Kilts are a great conversation starter.

It can actually be entertaining to interact with people. Sometimes being sociable is actually fun. You can even learn stuff. Or hear really interesting gossip, which I suppose can be seen as a different kind of learning.

I can stand on my feet
4, relatively stationary (at least in the same spot, more or less) for about eight hours.5

It really is fun to scare people, especially grown ups.

If you stay still long enough people will forget you are there. It can be kind of fun being a set piece, but a little lonely too.

If people think you are a stature and not a person they will do all kinds of crazy shit around you like carry on intimate conversations which you can then eavesdrop on.

Patterns for sewing projects are written in a foreign language that closely resembles normal speech, but it a bit more confusing.

Sewing is not so bad.

The Mrs' sewing machine does not hate me.

I am still scared to death of The Mrs' sewing machine.

It is very liberating when you are presented with the knowledge that there exists people who are further away from society's norms than ones own self.

People can be really helpful when they are give the chance.

Do not boast on Facebook (or Twitter, Google +, or any other social media) about how proud you are of being so prepared for the next day before going to bed. If you do this you will inevitably forget to put the hand truck and the plastic storage bins back in the car.

The Mrs is pretty damn cool. She was nice enough to drive those things out to me.

Always check the website to make sure that the celebrity that you are coming to see will be there on the day you plan to attend the convention.

Do not wait too long before getting in line to get the autograph of the celebrity you want to meet. That person may have to leave early to catch a flight.

Finally (for this post at least), no matter how tired I am, I can still churn out enough words to complete my daily requirement.

1 Actually, luck has absolutely nothing to do with it. I was prepared to go to sleep when I realized that I used my skip day yesterday which meant I had to write today. Since, as mentioned, there was no point in attempting any semblance of coherent thought, I decided to write a blog post.

2 Let's be honest. The fact that they tolerate me at all makes them pretty fucking great.

3 Yes, I realize I am switching pronouns all over the place. Just roll with it, ok?

4 As opposed to someone else's feet? Standing on my spleen? What a stupid way to start a sentence.

5 Which is what I did Saturday while dressed as Death from
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. It was crazy crowded in the Suburban Collection Showcase due to the presence of Stan Lee and Norman Redus. While the costume was designed to be mobile, I chose to stay at one spot on the corner of our sales area. No one thought I would do the whole time standing, but I made it (with one twenty minute break kneeling on a chair).

6 This was accomplished by remaining motionless until someone either looked at me too long or wondered allowed if I was a stature or if there was someone in there. Then I would slowly angle my body so it looked like the face of the costume was staring at them. The first time I did this I made a 40+ year old man scream and run away.

7 Yes, I realize that I was lucky I didn't get punched in the face. I was pretty sure that I was safe. I was counting on someone trying to hit me and getting the PVC pipes instead or taking it out on the costume's face. I am glad the latter did not happen, that would have made me cry.

8 There was a whole circle of girls sitting on the floor in front of Norman Redus' table sharing stories while waiting for him to arrive on Friday. Unfortunately for them, he was only scheduled to be there Saturday and Sunday as he was filming on Friday.

9 This is what happened to me. I missed my Dixon brother double score because I waited too long on Sunday to try for an autograph. I will have to wait until another year to level up on my nerd cred.