The Post-MCCC Post Part Two -- How To Behave In A Giant Vendor Room

OK, so this will be a little more ranty than the last fairly tame rant.1 Still, I had such a great weekend that I can’t really build up any real bile.

HOWEVER, I would be remiss if I didn’t pass the following along:

If you're going to stop, move to the side. Don't block traffic.

Put your phone away. Don't text and walk.

Keep track of your children. It's not the fault of the guy in front of you if your spawn runs away.

Everyone wants to take pictures of the cool costumes. The best place to do this is at the end of an aisle where you aren’t blocking the flow of traffic or some poor vendor’s booth.

On that note, do not block access to a vendor’s area to talk to your friends, eat your nachos, or fiddle with your phone. These people paid a LOT of money to rent this space and you are preventing them from earning it back. If you’re going to take up space, at least have the decency to buy a button or something.

Do NOT take photos of stuff you are not going to buy, especially handmade items like sculpture or artwork. You are basically stealing from the vendor.

Also, do not sneak pictures of the talent. Rant all you want about the amount that the celebrities are charging for a photo op, but this is how they are making money this weekend. Doing the creep pic thing is just wrong.

For that matter, don’t do the creep pic thing with anyone. If you are going to take a picture, ASK PERMISSION.

The same goes for any type of contact.

If you do take a picture, be nice enough to include the individual’s face as well as their boobs or other assets.

Watch your cosplay accessories. Yeah, your giant sword is wicked cool, but you just left a wicked gash in that kid’s forehead.

The same goes for your food. No one wants a face full of Sprite or Nacho Cheez.

All of the vendors have Squares and we all take credit cards, but Cash is still King. The nearby cell towers are totally overloaded, and cash will go much faster.

If you can wait to upload or post, please do so. It will help the vendors process payments.

We (the vendors) love meeting new people and talking to you about your interests.
HOWEVER we are here to make money. We will politely look over your sketchbook, but you are seriously impeding our ability to make back the table costs.

If you do want to get more information about a vendor, grab a business card, bookmark, sticker, or other freeebie and hit us up after the event.

Don’t be surprised if it takes a few days for us to get back to you. You know how tired you were when you got home after one day of shopping? We’ve been here all three days, plus a day early to set-up and stayed late on the last day to tear down. Our spouses/significant others/pets/ imaginary friends miss us.

Wondering how to support an artist you like? Buy something! Can’t afford that? Recommend them to someone else!

The talent and vendors are happy to sign things and pose for autographs at the proper time and in the proper place. These do NOT include the bathroom, when we are walking to bathroom, shopping, eating, etc.

When in doubt, just put yourself in the place of the other person. Would you want someone to do whatever you are about to do?3

  1. If you haven’t read that yet, click here.
  2. Even if the vendor doesn’t have the license to recreate that particular image...
  3. This is a good rule to live by in general.