Rottentail: A Hopping Good Time

I’m going to start off this review with a simple statement -- this movie won’t be for everyone.

HOWEVER -- if you love your horror with a huge dose of humor and a splattering of gore
1 you will enjoy Rottentail.

Based on the graphic novel from David C. Hayes, Kurt Belcher, and Kevin Moyers,
Rottential tells the story of Peter Cotton (TV’s Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and Stargate actor Corin Nemic), a nebbish scientist who is accidentally exposed to a combination of chemicals and violence. The result of which is that he slowly turns into a human sized, foul mouthed, homicidal rabbit.

Cotton, now Rottentail, launches into a journey which will pit him against other researchers, the military, and the grade school bully who killed his bunny -- now a televangelist with a terrible scheme...

I was able to see the film during one of its limited cinematic runs at the
Historic Howell Theater. Rottentail is no longer in theaters, but is available on Amazon. I personally am waiting for the Limited Edition DVD/Blu-Ray set to be released by Source Point Press, publisher of the original graphic novel (to be re-released in a new version).

1 See what I did there?

2 Ah, but that would be telling.