I Will Always Grab A New Book From Gwendolyn Kiste

Another brilliant work from Gwendolyn Kiste. Odette is one of the last survivors of a mass witch burning. Unlike her sister, she did not run from the flames, but faced them, lived through them, and somehow took them inside her.

After five years of being shunned by her neighbors, living on the outskirts of the village, and facing bizarre physical night terrors, the Witchfinders have returned. In order to save her friend, her village, and herself, she may have to take up the magic she laid aside all those years ago -- one thing more terrifying then the men who want to burn her.

The theme of how power and gender intersect is especially poignant in 2020.

Ms. Kiste has become one of the authors whose books I will automatically purchase, whose material cuts the line of my To Be Read pile.
Boneset and Feathers is another example of why this is so.