Ken MacGregor Radio Interview

This Sunday, 20 Aug, at 8pm, author Ken MacGregor will be interviewed on Tune in to hear him talk about writing, horror, and of course, Sex, Gore, & Millipedes!

Dragon's Roost Press -- Sightings in the Wild

We are pleased to announce that the Grey Wolfe Scriptorium (145 East Fourteen Mile Road, Clawson, Michigan 48017) will be carrying Dragon’s Roost Press’ publications. If you can’t make it out to one of the conventions we’re at, swing by the new store in Clawson. They are building a tremendous catalog of Michigan authors. Look for the books just to the right of the front door.

Hidden Animals Temporarily Closed to Submissions

We are temporarily closed to submissions, due to the volume of stories we have received. Look for further announcements in the near future.

Congratulations Round Two!

We are continuing to make our way through the submissions e-mails. We are happy to announce the acceptance of the following stories:

“Night Quarry” by Paul Tanner

“Picknicing With Old Yellow Top” by Adam Millard

“Sky Demon” by Jeff Brigham

“A Cruelty That Cuts Both Ways” by Aimee Ogden

“Lifeboat” by Danielle Warnick

Cryptids We've Said Yes To

The Following is a list of cryptids about which we have already accepted stories. We will update this list throughout the submission period.

Abominable Snowman





Lake Monster

Man Eating Tree



Mokele-mbembe/Ninki Nanka

Mongolian Death Worm

Old Yellow Top

Ozark Howler