We're Almost There

Monsters in Spaaaace! is almost here!

After a truly hellish process, the anthology is almost ready. We have approved the final edits on the second proof copy. The fine grinder of KDP has an issue with our cover, which, quite frankly, is terribly annoying. The cover on the proof is absolutely perfect, but the automated systems want extra space, so we have to deal with that. Once that is fixed, we should be ready to go to press.

The Backerkit survey has been reviewed by the people there and we have made the necessary changes. They were not open for the past few days, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but what we hope to be the final review will go through first thing on Monday morning. Then we can get the surveys out to our backers and start getting the orders together.

On the plus side, we have received the thumb drives that we ordered for the backers and they are so sticking cute!