Dragon’s Roost Press Announces the First Acceptances for Eldritch Embraces: Putting the Love Back in Lovecraft

Submissions for the new anthology have been rolling in. The editorial staff at Dragon’s Roost Press has been trying to keep up, but we apologize for any delay in responding.

The editors are pleased to announce that the following stories have been accepted for our next anthology:

“Stone City Old as Immeasurable Time” by Deborah Walker
“The Rise and Fall of the Hairless Ape” by Tom Johnstone
“The Collected Fortunes of Linda Pierce” by Marek Jones
“Descent of the Wayward Sister” by Gabrielle Harbowy
“The Dread Beneath” by Gavin Carpenter
“Last Fall” by Mark Hill
“The Flower Dancer” by Simon Bleaken
“Cold Passion of Three Hearts” by Matthew Wilson
“What Sorrow May Come” by Lee Clark Zump