Time for an Update

Just in case there are those who are following the anthology’s progression here and not on the Facebook page (which can be found here), how about an update?

The bulk of the editing process has been completed. All of the submissions have been printed, reviewed, and edited. The edits have been input on new files which are formatted for printing.

Before that can happen we will be sending the edit stories to their respective authors for approval. At the same time we will be sending contracts for signatures, final word counts so the authors will know what they will be making for their submissions, and what we have as far as a biography also for the authors’ verification.

Our aim is to have all of this material sent out by Tuesday. With any luck the responses will arrive in a few weeks and we can go forward with the next portion of the process which will be uploading the files for printing.

We’re all quite excited here. Every step we complete brings us that much closer to the release of the anthology.

We also mentioned that we are still looking for a title, but we may have chosen one. We will let you know as soon as we make a final decision.