We have been inundated with submissions, many more than we anticipated so early. While we are still playing catch up, we would like to acknowledge the following authors whose works have been accepted for our current project:

“An Unusual Pet” by Matt Hayward

“An Exchange of Fear” by Lynn Rushlau

“From a Laptop in the Jungle” by Erik Goldsmith

“Hellhound” by Sarah Doebereiner

“Iceheart” by Sarah Hans

“Moonlight Forest” by Soumya Sundar Mukherjee

“O Christmas Tree” by Gregory L. Norris

“Please Don't Feed The Howler” by Frances Pauli

“Spider” by A. Collingwood

“The Anna Doria” by Ellen Denton

“The Ghost Tree” by Sharon Diane King

“The Keystone State” by Paul Stansfield

“Two Yurts” by Dale L. Sproule

“Wake” by Jennie Brass

“You Will Be Laid Low Even at the Sight of Him” by Kevin Wetmore