COVID-19 Update

In light of the recent fears regarding COVID-19 a number of communities have placed restrictions on large gatherings. Limitations on the size of gatherings have lead to the closing of many attractions, sporting events, and conventions.

Unfortunately, the next appearance on our schedule has changed. The date for April Ghoul’s Day, originally scheduled for 4 April, has been pushed back due to the growing health concern. While we would love to participate, the new date of 5 September conflicts with our appearance at The Festival of Oddities in Charlotte, MI.

Dragon’s Roost Press is deeply saddened that we will not be able to join our friends from the Flint Horror Collective this year. We look forward to working with them in the future. We encourage you to continue to support them, and if you don’t feel like making the drive to Charlotte, by all means, head out to Flint for all of the great authors that will be there.

If we hear of any other changes which will affect our schedule, we will announce them immediately. As always, our current schedule can be found on the
Stalk Me Here page.

We thank you for your continued support. Stay well.